exterior pathway to yurts at 420
living room set at 420_2
living and bedroom set at 420
bedroom at 420
detail storage unit with fish at 420
wet bar and dining area at 420
wet bar area with corner and bedroom at 420
detail dishes in wet bar area at 420
bathroom_1 yurt at 420
bathroom_2 yurt at 420
dining area and living room at 420
detail towels in basket with chair at 420
exterior Adirondacks on deck with yurt back at 420
exterior hot tub with 2 adirondacks at 420
exterior deck with chairs and table at 420
exterior BBQ on deck at 420
extrior yurt 7_3 at 420
exterior with 3 yurts at 420
first guests arriving at yurts_2 at 420
Yurt village aerial shot copy

Yurt Amenities

Lakedale’s General Store offers everything you need from basic groceries to wine, beer, deli sandwiches, espresso and fishing tackle, as well as boat rentals and activities.