Our Wellness and Safety Measures

To our Lakedale friends and families,

We’re incredibly excited to welcome you back to Lakedale – to see your cheerful smiles, feel your infectious energy, and share our Northwest slice of paradise with you. The resort just isn’t the same when you’re not here! With the current guidelines recommended by the County and State, our accommodations are open at far less than our usual capacity, which means…even more space for you to enjoy.

Like us, you’re probably more than ready to spread your wings, and we want to make sure you’ll have a safe landing when you arrive. Our team has spent the past few months getting ready for your arrival, and we’d like to share some of the preparations we’ve made to make our resort a safe environment for you and our Lakedale team. Recommendations by the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s “Safe Stay” guidelines have informed our planning, and these include the following: 

  • No-contact check-in and check-out (when requested)
  • Free masks and hand sanitizer for all guests
  • Installation of five new hand-washing stations and eight sanitization stations across the property
  • Removal of decorative items, Keurig machines, and glassware from our rooms, but you can still get coffee at the General Store!
  • Overnight housekeeping service will be upon request
  • All games and boat rentals will be sanitized between each use, and check-out for them will be at the General Store
  • Activity Tent craft items will be individually wrapped with instructions included – have fun with them at the Tent or take them back to your accommodation to enjoy
  • Food and beverage options (in the General Store, Mess Tent, and Lodge Breakfast room) will be individually wrapped. Seating will be limited to comply with health department guidelines
  • High-touch surfaces will be frequently sanitized with Ecolab (CDC approved) cleaning products
  • Daily health checks of all team members
  • Traffic flow across the property has been analyzed to provide the safest patterns for our guests
  • Campsites will be limited to families of 8 or less
  • Our staff will wear masks, and all are trained in Covid-19 protective measures
  • We’re happy to provide you with our complete Wellness and Safety Measures on request
  • Fun, patience and smiles available in unlimited quantities

So hop in your car, take that peaceful and beautiful ferry ride, and we’ll be here on San Juan Island to welcome you!                                                        See you soon!

                                     Karl Bruno, General Manager