First things first, what exactly is this glamping thing everyone is talking about? The term originally appeared around 2005 in the United Kingdom, long a country known for its love of the outdoors and countryside, but apparently not for its elegance in mashing-up words. Glamping combines the words “glamorous” and “camping” and, despite its awkward sound, is a hot trend.

Its early origins date from the 16th century, when the Scottish Duke of Atholl was being visited by King James V and his mother, and housed them in the Scottish Highlands in luxurious tents filled with all the comforts of home (read: palace). Fast forward to the Ottoman empire, whose sultans traveled from battle site to battle site with palatial tent dwellings, transported by teams of artisans to assemble and maintain them.

White chandelierAfrican safaris became the rage in the 1920’s for wealthy Americans and Brits, but these travelers weren’t willing to sacrifice creature comforts in pursuit of adventure. Their glamping accommodations included folding bathtubs, cases of champagne, Persian rugs, and a chef to prepare meals.

Supposedly, 21st century glamping arose when international financial troubles created demand for luxury vacations without a high price tag. Some say glamping is really “comfortable camping” because its two main features are the great outdoors and a comfortable bed, but glamping goes far beyond this, depending on where you go and how you do it. Prices can range from as little as $100/night to upwards of $3,000/night and can involve tent cabins, yurts, travel trailers, tree houses, teepees and more.  The price you pay will also usually dictate the level of service you receive, think: fresh bed linens,  in-tent bathrooms and food service. Most glamping experiences focus on the complete comfort of guests (who love the natural world) and their spouses (who may not).

And if all that comfort hasn’t tempted you, maybe this description from will convince you why you want to go glamping…

Because you get the best of camping:        cco-inside-out-at-500        cco-bed-detail-at-500                          

  • Direct access to the great outdoors                                      
  • Smores and stories around the campfire
  • The sound of rain on your tent
  • Nature’s peaceful soundtrack
  • Time with family and friends
  • Fresh air

Without the worst of camping:                                  

  • Carrying all that equipment
  • Sleeping on the lumpy ground
  • Shivering (or sweating)
  • That half-blown-up air mattress
  • Sleeping bags, in general
  • That not-so waterproof tent when it rains

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