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Ditch the Tent: How Cabin Rentals Help Kids Love the Outdoors

June 19, 2019

Summer’s here…bringing back memories of being a kid, kicking off my shoes for 3 straight months and playing outside until the sky darkened and my mom yelled, “Dinner’s ready, everybody come home!” OK, this is obviously dating me, because back in the day there were no cell phones, computers, X-boxes, or PlayStations to distract my sisters and me from building forts on the empty lot down the street, hiking into the hills in search of rattlesnakes, or making a lemonade stand to earn summer cash…under no one’s watchful eye. And don’t get me started about long days spent at the local swimming pool or afternoons spread out with a good book under the apricot tree.

Thanks John Miller for the great photo!

Things are different for kids nowadays…and not just because of technology. But being in the great outdoors is still one of the healthiest activities we can think of for kids. At this point, you are probably rolling your eyes, groaning and mumbling, “Yes, but camping is so much work.”

While we love camping and glamping at Lakedale, we also think a stay in a cabin (log preferred!) is the perfect way to get your kids outside and into nature. With much less work for Mom and Dad. In addition to the obvious benefits of cabin living (comfy beds, real kitchens, fireplaces, and indoor plumbing), many cabins are in picturesque locations, with nature just steps outside your door. AND… many cabins have no internet – think digital detox!

Here are some of our favorite ideas to help your kids enjoy cabin life and the out of doors:

Another great thing about cabin life is that when the weather turns stormy, you and the kids can cozy up inside, read books and puzzle away! At Lakedale, we have (6) two-bedroom real log cabins, each with 2 bedrooms and baths, a full kitchen, living area, private deck, campfire pit and picnic table next to Neva Lake, open year round. With all the amenities of a resort, we have you covered If you need a break from nature exploration – boating, swimming, a kid’s activity tent, giant chess, bocce ball, and lots more. But wherever you decide to spend your cabin vacation, the important thing is to go…and get outside!