Life on the Lakes: the Gourmet Glamping Dinner Series!

by | Jul 11, 2019 | All About Lakedale, Blog

Welcome to the first post in a new series called “Life on the Lakes”!  This series is where you’ll tune in to get information, insights, and recaps of the various annual events that we host here at Lakedale.  We may even give you the occasional look inside at what it’s like for us as hosts, and how we make these events come to life.  For our first glimpse at life on the lakes, let’s look at our annual summer dinner series,  “Gourmet Glamping”!

The gourmet angle seems easy enough to understand, but first let’s talk about the glamping part.  We’ve spent years refining glamping at Lakedale, but in case you’ve missed it, the term “glamping” is a mash-up of the words glamorous and camping.  It’s a term and a phenomenon that has been steadily, and rapidly, increasing in popularity for about a decade or so. If you ask ten different people to define the term you’ll probably get ten different answers.  We think that glamping’s popularity is mostly attributable to its accessibility and the diversity that’s naturally built into the concept.  Maybe you live in the city and you’ve always wanted to go camping, but you don’t own any gear or have any experience.  Maybe you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast, but you want to take a break from the hardcore side of camping.  Or maybe you’re both of those, but you just started a family and you want your little ones to experience nature in a more comfortable environment until they’re old enough to go backpacking.  Wherever you fit, glamping allows you to enjoy the outdoors with a minimum amount of effort!  Bring a tooth brush and a change of socks, and we’ll cover the rest.  Glamping is the perfect fusion between outdoors and indoors and is something pretty much everyone can enjoy.  You can smell like a campfire, without the sore back and muscles that come with it!

While we’re on that subject, when was the last time you left your favorite fine dining establishment smelling like a campfire?  Never?  Well, we thought that since we could mash-up a hotel room and a campsite, we might be able to cross a fine dining restaurant with an old-fashioned campfire cookout.  That’s the “Gourmet Glamping Dinner Series”!  Here’s the recipe: take 1 part talented chef with an awesome menu, add 1 part regional winemaker, add 20-30 guests, stir and cook over several campfires for roughly 3 hours.  And when we say talented chef, we mean it.  While the chef lineup changes every year, it’s not uncommon to see a lineup that includes James Beard Award winners, and folks that have beaten their celebrity counterparts on cooking shows!

Each Gourmet Glamping event has a unique personality.  That personality depends mostly on the guests who are in attendance.  For most of the events, the cooking process is very interactive, and our guests help with prep and cooking, as much or as little as they want.  Sometimes all the guests want to roll up their sleeves and dive in, and that’s when the real magic happens!  Picture this: you’re in your comfortable outdoor clothes on a nice summer evening with a glass of wine, and you’re working side by side with someone you just saw beat one of the Iron Chefs on TV.  Normal Saturday night stuff, right?

Lakedale will host between two and four Gourmet Glamping events every year, usually in the months of June, July and August.  The events always take place on a Saturday evening, and we’re usually able to price them under $100 per person including all wine pairings, which makes Gourmet Glamping the perfect way to cap off the perfect weekend getaway!  A few weekends ago, Chef Adam Stevenson from Cedarbrook Lodge was here with Three of Cups Winery from Woodinville for our first Gourmet Glamping event of the 2019 season.  Don’t worry if you missed the June event, because our next dinner is coming up on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 with Chef Jeff Maxfield of SkyCity at the Space Needle and Longship Cellars from Tri-Cities!  We typically limit the number of spaces to 30 guests, and they fill quickly, so book your spot soon!

We’re constantly cooking up new ideas for events and activities for our guests at Lakedale.  Stay tuned, and watch this space for all the juicy details – we look forward to seeing you soon!


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