Six Pet-Friendly Places to Bring your Dog on San Juan Island

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Explore San Juan Island

Do you want to travel to San Juan Island, but you’ve got your pet in tow?

Don’t worry, our island loves dogs, and we’ve got plenty of dog-friendly activities to keep you and your pup occupied during your stay on the island!

Here are 6 of our favorite places to bring your dog on San Juan Island:

San Juan Vineyard on San Juan Island Photo thanks to San Juan Vineyard

1.  San Juan Vineyards

Nothing says “summer vacation” for adults quite like a wine tasting. San Juan Island is home to the marvelous San Juan Vineyards, a small, independent winery known for its award-winning wines of multiple varieties. If you want to experience San Juan in a new way, try raising a glass of their Siegerebbe, a wine made with grapes grown right here on the island, absorbing the local sun, soil, and air.

The best part? You can bring your dog along! That is, if they’re friendly because the winery is home to a few cute dogs of its own!

Beyond San Juan Vineyards, there are several other spaces on the island to explore craft beer, wine and cider. Check out our guide to San Juan Island beer, wine and spirits to learn more.


2.  Eddie & Friends Dog Park

From 7 a.m. to dusk, your dog can roam off leash at Eddie and Friends– a free, two-acre dog park and a San Juan Island staple for many years.

It’s totally fenced and provides an additional fenced area for older, small, or shy dogs who might not be up to running with all the larger, rambunctious pups.

It’s an easy,10-minutee drive from Lakedale! If your dog wants to burn off some energy and maybe meet a few locals for some friendly sniffs, Eddie & Friends is the place to be.

french bulldog at lavender farm

3.  Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Pelindaba Lavender Farm is a San Juan treasure you’ll definitely want to visit while you’re here. And no need to leave Fido out of the fun— after all, a dog’s sensitive nose will probably enjoy the smell of the lavender fields just like yours will!

You can’t let your dog run through the fields off leash, but dogs are welcome in the cutting field, demonstration garden, and picnic grounds when on a leash.

What’s more, Pelindaba makes a totally unique lavender dog biscuit, available in their farm store, so your whole family can enjoy some lavender-flavored treats together on the lawn. You can also pick up some lavender-scented dog shampoo that will keep your pup smelling sweet long after you’ve left.

4.  Local Restaurants

San Juan’s Friday Harbor is home to a handful of restaurants that permit pets in the outdoor seating areas, including:

  • Friday’s Crabhouse
  • Vic’s Driftwood Drive Inn
  • Market Chef
  • Pure Vanilla Bakery & Café
  • Mike’s Café and Wine Bar
  • The Bean Café

These Friday Harbor establishments are some of the best dining experiences in town, so even if you have a dog with you, you don’t have to compromise on flavor or ambiance. There are options for fresh-baked artisanal pastries, seasonal meals made with locally-grown ingredients, and seafood so fresh it’s almost swimming.

Water bowls for dogs are typically provided in all these locations. And maybe if your dog is lucky you’ll give him a bite.

dog at American camp on San Juan Island

5. The Ocean

Of course, the main attraction of San Juan Island is the Puget Sound. Are there ocean-oriented activities in which your dog can participate? You bet!

Leashed dogs can stroll with you along South Beach, San Juan’s longest and largest beach. You can also find more secluded beach areas with a little exploring and trekking, and let your dog off here for a free run in the surf.

If you want to take your dog aboard a kayak, you can rent kayaks from San Juan Outfitters that permit a small dog to sit between your legs on board. And if you want to whale watch, the orca-watching company Western Prince will allow dogs on board (leashed or in a carrier) if you let them know ahead of time.

dog at lake at Lakedale campground

6. And of course, Lakedale!

We love your pets at Lakedale, and dogs, as well as cats, are welcomed in our Log Cabins and the Lake House, as well as in our campground area in the summer season.

In the quiet season, between October and May, pets go crazy for “Leash-Free Lakedale”, where they can roam to their heart’s content off-leash. Check in at our stores for house-made dog treats (secret ingredient: cheddar cheese!) and a custom Lakedale leash for when you head back to city life!

There’s plenty of fun, adventures, and memories to be made for humans and their furry friends on San Juan Island!


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