Yurts Reinvented at Lakedale on San Juan Island

by | Mar 21, 2018 | All About Lakedale

Here at Lakedale, we are very excited to welcome our newest addition to our collection: The Yurt Village!

Yurt Base Construction

Early in Spring, we’re still in the construction phase of our new village, but we wanted to give our fans a preview of these new accommodations, as well as a peek into the thought process that went into our decision to build Yurts, and how they fit into our already dynamic culture here at the resort.

Here we go!

A Brief History of the Yurt

The history of the Yurt can be traced back thousands of years to nearly six centuries before the Common Era. The first recorded mention of a yurt comes from the Greek historian Herodotus, in his writing about the Scythian horse lords that roamed near the Black and Caspian Seas. Marco Polo, during his travels across the world’s largest continent, recorded the yurt’s extensive use among the nomadic Mongolian people of Central Asia. He noticed their sturdy, round tents made of rods and felt that could be easily assembled and disassembled, then loaded onto carts whenever movement was necessary.

While most people conjure images of the most basic and simple dwellings when they think of yurts, some yurts were much more than basic and simple. Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongolian Empire, still the largest empire in human history, was rumored to have lived in a massive, luxurious yurt that was mounted on wheels, and pulled from place to place by 22 oxen. If you were a herder, or an emperor, a yurt was what you called home. No, seriously, the word “yurt” (or “ger” in Mongolian) literally means “home”.

Lakedale Reinvents the Yurt

When it came time for Lakedale to get on the right side of history and build our own yurts, we spent a lot of time reimagining the concept.

Yurt Oculus

We wanted to keep the feel of the classic yurt while adding amenities that our guests would enjoy, or have come to expect in the modern world. As with our Canvas Cabins and Cottages, we once again reached out to Rainier Industries for help.

Our vision was manifested in the form of seven, 24-foot yurts, each surrounded by its own large deck. On each of those decks, our guests will enjoy tables and chairs, a BBQ grill, and their own personal hot tub! Inside, each yurt is furnished with a King bed, a Queen sofa-sleeper, a wet bar with refrigerator, and of course, a full bathroom.

We decided to take the fusion of the old and the new even one step further, so we added complimentary WiFi, a VOIP phone, and a 50” Smart TV, so guests can still feel connected

while they disconnect. We didn’t run cable or satellite to the TV’s, so our guests won’t be tempted to sit in

front of the tube all day, and will still enjoy the activities that Lakedale and the rest of San Juan Island have to offer.

And don’t worry, unlike their historical predecessors, Lakedale’s yurts won’t require their inhabitants to disassemble them at the conclusion of their stay!

The Yurt Reinvents Lakedale

Lakedale has been evolving for over a decade now. Throughout this evolution, however, one idea has remained virtually unchanged: Taking a break and disconnecting are good!

Yurt Construction

We’ve come to realize that these things can mean completely different things to different people. Whether it’s camping or glamping to get away from the daily grind, getting together with friends and family in a Log Cabin, or spending a romantic weekend in the Lodge with that special someone, we’ve always had a lot of the bases covered.

The addition of the Yurt Village represents the newest branch on Lakedale’s evolutionary tree: Disconnecting from daily life without disconnecting from the world! We’re giving our guests the ability to choose the form of taking a break that suits them best. So, whether you’re an accountant, a school teacher, a firefighter, or a conquering emperor…we’ve got your vacation plans covered. (Although we may require advanced reservations to accommodate your conquering horde!)

Remember that the word “yurt” means “home”? Welcome to Lakedale, your Yurt away from Yurt!


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