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by | Sep 8, 2016 | All About Lakedale

Have you ever been on vacation, sitting in your favorite camp chair under the towering pines, kids splashing in the lake, dog lazing in the sun, and thought to yourself, “Gee, I think it’s time I wrote a blog?”

Since you were on vacation, you probably immediately dismissed the thought because it would be too much work. But you still thought ‘mmmm…that’s a good idea’ because the next time you were vacationing, it would be great to know what was happening on San Juan Island, what cool things kids could do there, and maybe the islands could offer some fun off-season experiences for you and your special someone?

Well, that’s where we come in.

We love our guests at Lakedale and in the spirit of full disclosure, we want to make your vacation experience with us as relaxing as possible, so we’ve decided to share our thoughts, learnings, and experiences from Lakedale and San Juan Island with you.  We’ll try to keep you entertained and informed with posts from our passionate and dedicated team.  Writing for us on a regular basis will be:

  • Richard – our operations guru and a very tall, very funny guy   couple in front of Canvas Cottage
  • Shelley – our very short, not quite as funny, owner and lover of all things Lakedale
  • Mary Ann – our Director of Edibles and an expert on San Juan Island
  • Spike – our resident dog, who is a loveable curmudgeon addicted to Mary Ann’s house-made dog treats

You can look forward to hearing about what’s happening at the resort (our 50th anniversary is this year!), outdoor adventures and activities, exploring San Juan Island, and we’d love to share our thoughts on topics you suggest and would like to hear more about!

We’re excited to get to know you better so please join the conversation here, as well as on www.facebook.com/LakedaleResort and  www.instagram.com/lakedaleresort


(And thanks to Lysette Wolter-McKinley for her great Neva Cottage glamping photo!)


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