Nestled in picturesque Friday Harbor—and just a short drive from Lakedale—San Juan Vineyard is a destination winery that’s more than worthy of a spot on your San Juan Island itinerary.

A Unique Experience: Why You Should Visit San Juan Vineyard

There’s a lot to love about San Juan Vineyard: the sweeping countryside views, the friendly faces who make any visit a five-star experience, and the unique charm of a centuries-old schoolhouse-turned-tasting room. Add in the sweet sounds of live music and you’ll find it hard to stay away.

But San Juan Vineyard’s main attraction is most certainly its award-winning wines, featuring grapes grown in the coolest-climate growing region of Washington State, the Puget Sound AVA. (If you’re new to wine lingo, that’s American Viticulture Area.) For nearly thirty years, San Juan Vineyard has been the toast of the town, known for crafting wines that please the palates of seasoned oenophiles and casual wine enthusiasts alike. 

San Juan Vineyards in fall from the air

Popular Wines at San Juan Vineyard

Whether you lean into reds or whites—or consider yourself an equal opportunity sipper—San Juan Vineyard’s passion for viticulture shines through in every bottle. Here are five wines we know you’ll obsess over!

2022 Afterglow Rosé

  • Tasting Notes: A blend of Syrah, Cinsaut, and Grenache grapes, Afterglow Rosé delivers flavors of green strawberry, cherry blossoms, nectarine, hibiscus, and more. (Delicious, right?) Pair it with fresh, local seafood from San Juan Island—or nab a bottle for a perfectly relaxing beach day here at Lakedale.
  • Why You’ll Love It: Fresh and flowery, rosé never disappoints. As a pale salmon-hued wine that embraces its fruity side, one sip of Afterglow Rosé will have you asking the question: Why can’t summer last forever?

2022 Madeleine Angevine

  • Tasting Notes: San Juan Vineyard’s Madeleine Angevine embodies both the spirit and the flavors of San Juan Island. Aromas of honeycomb, vanilla, florals, and sea breeze prep taste buds for a delightful medley of citrus, pineapple, and beeswax.
  • Why You’ll Love It: This crisp, medium-bodied white wine brings out the best in seafood like crab and oysters. Go ahead and indulge in a glass (or two) from this award-winning line—you’ll be glad you did!

San Juan Vineyards San Juan Island

2022 Siegerrebe

  • Tasting Notes: Speaking of award winning, one sip of San Juan Vineyard’s acclaimed Siegerrebe will have you swirling in citrus, lychee, kiwi, ginger, and pear flavors. While this white wine is a welcomed addition to just about any entrée, we’re keen to pair it with a plate of Pad Thai.
  • Why You’ll Love It: If winemaking is an art, Siegerrebe should be in the Louvre. This wine, perennially among San Juan Vineyard’s most popular, offers a tropical indulgence and familiar notes of candied lemon, margarita salt, and grilled pineapple that are sure to stir your senses.

2020 Cattle Point Red

  • Tasting Notes: If you’re in the mood for something a little different, opt for a glass of Cattle Point Red, a subtle (yet savory) red blend. Dried herbs, espresso, and chocolate notes combine with an array of rich fruit flavors to deliver an elegant wine that’s just as good with your favorite dish as it is on its own.
  • Why You’ll Love It: Boasting grapes grown in both the Columbia and Yakima valleys, Cattle Point Red is an excellent blend that’s very PNW and very Washington. (We’ll raise a glass to that!)

2021 Barren Rock Red

  • Tasting Notes: Hints of fresh bramble berries, dried herbs, black licorice, and blood orange combine for the richly rewarding taste of Suan Juan Vineyard’s Barren Rock Red. Consider this the ideal companion for a weekend game or movie night, or working through your “to be read” pile.
  • Why You’ll Love It: San Juan Vineyard is renowned for its commitment to producing top-tier wines—and Barren Rock Red is no exception. This wine matured for 16 months in oak prior to bottling, ensuring its rich flavor delivers in every glass.

grapes in fall

Visiting San Juan Vineyard

Ideally located on Roche Harbor Road, San Juan Vineyard is an easy stop on your way from Lakedale to downtown Friday Harbor. Plan on dropping in on Fridays and Saturdays, but check out the San Juan Vineyard website for current hours. If you’re visiting with ten or more people, be sure to call ahead for tasting room availability.

And, for an expanded San Juan Island wine, beer, and spirits excursion, consider also swinging by Madrone Cellars, San Juan Cellars, and Archipelago Wines. (PSA: Maybe not all in the same day though, ‘kay?)

San-Juan-Vineyards-tasting-room San-Juan-Vineyards-tasting-roomSan-Juan-Vineyards-tasting-room on San Juan Island

Lakedale Loves San Juan Vineyard

And we know you will, too! Because they’re only a stone’s throw from our resort, the Lakedale x San Juan Vineyard collab just makes sense. We’ve been proud to partner with these dedicated winemakers on a variety of specials in the past, so keep an eye on our website to see what we’re dreaming up next.

It’s Giving…Comfort

For an experience that delivers notes of relaxation, rejuvenation, and “me time,” look no further than Lakedale Resort. Book your stay online or call 800-617-2267 to reserve your spot. Cheers! 

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